Parfumerie - Metro Theatre

In 2014 I had the pleasure of directing Parfumerie for the Metro Theatre in Vancouver. Here is some info and reviews about the show

Stefan Winfield as Sipos and Lauren Dutchak as Amalia

Stefan Winfield as Sipos and Lauren Dutchak as Amalia

Metro Theater’s production is a tender treat to watch from start to finish.
— Cora Li -
It’s two drops of sweet pink rosy posy love struck dreams with five drops of lust mixed with two parts deceit and 2 oz of laughter that makes this play an welcome escape from the modern world of chaos to the simple nostalgic world of yesteryear where sweet love conquers all.
— Dianne -

Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver

My Director’s Notes:

The walls, floors, and ceilings of our lives may seem to only hold us inside, keep us from the outside. To some, our homes, work places, even theatres may look and feel like cages. But to others, buildings and places are what keep us grounded. They are physical foundations upon which we build our lives. In 1937 Budapest, Hammerschmidt's Parfumerie is just the sort of foundation that people would build their entire lives on; a store of repute and quality that people would work in for their whole lives, and be glad for it. To the workers, it's a place where there is family. It is a home. And in the world of Parfumerie the play, we see only this store and the action and lives that move through its doors and floors. Although we are a year before World War 2 and all the political and social conflict that comes with it, there is still a longing for this time and place. A longing to be able to shop in a store like this, to have attentive and professional service without a talk of low wages and high turnover. In our modern world, we stores like L'Occitane and Kiehl's that attempt to recreate what makes Hammerschmidt's so wonderful. But we can never fully recreate it. In Parfumerie we find one love is fresh, like a new perfume that you can't quite place, and one love that fades when we smell too often the familiar. Will the walls, floors and ceilings keep these characters from living their lives, or will it help ground them and show them the way? Though the original hungarian play was made into many well known movies I know you will find a fresh new story that's more then just a romantic comedy. Please come on into Hammerschmidt's and look around I know you'll find exactly what you need.